Flight of Fancy

Flight of Fancy Bakeshop

Donnelly, Idaho

We are a from-scratch bakery and espresso bar,
with fresh daily cookies, muffins, sweet breads,
cheesecakes, and so much more! We specialize
in huckleberry desserts, take orders for pies,
cakes, and wedding cakes and now offer a
rotating breakfast and lunch menu.



Hearty breakfasts include quiche, breakfast sandwiches and gourmet oatmeal. Or satisy that morning sweet tooth with a donut, muffin, scone, or chocolate chip cookie.



We offer a daily homemade soup and bake our bread in-house. Try one of our daily specials or grab a brown-bag lunch to go.



Desserts are our specialty! Cookies, cheesecakes, brownies, pies/cakes and huckleberry treats.

What people are saying...

"Their cinnamon rolls are outstanding as are their other assorted pastries and cookies (hint: try anything with huckleberry. Actually, just try everything). They just might have the best bran muffin I've ever tasted. Of course, they have various coffee concoctions if you are so inclined. Did I mention they also have the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had? If you are lucky enough to catch them coming out of the oven, do not pass them by." -Yelp Reviewer